We are loving how Asian Doll switches up her look, leaving us guessing what it will be from week to week.  Last week she gave knotless braids, last month she was straight “Straight out Da South” she says on Instagram.  But what we have noticed about hair maven Asian Doll is that when it comes to her strands, color, style and texture is key for her. And today we can’t promise what it will look like tomorrow curls are key and Asian Doll is showing us how to wear them fabulously.

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As the temperature rises and the humidity increases, wearing natural curls and waves, either from your head or beauty supply brought bundles is surely becoming the look of the moment. If you are not lucky enough like Asian Doll to have your glam squad prep and care for curls (don’t feel a way we don’t either) then know that caring for your curls takes a bit more effort.  Take a look at our favorite looks from Asian Doll below and be sure to read our tips to keeping your curls (particularly if you’re wearing extensions) looking as fabulous as hers. 

Be sure you know what you are buying. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned cash on some bundles only to have one of those “what I ordered” versus “what I got” situations once your package arrives. but in real life, cheap-looking, lackluster extensions just aren’t the move.

  • Brush your curls daily with a Denman Brush all the way through to get rid of any knots and kinks that might be in the hair.
  • Add a generous amount of conditioner on curls and work it through to hydrate curls or use a curl Rinse product really well to prevent buildup and dry any excess water with a t-shirt. They work best to prevent frizz.
  • To refresh your hair –get it as damp as possible using a curl refresh if you’re not going to wash it.   
  • Work a light Oil/Serum through the hair to the tips 
  • Use a defussision on cool to dry or lay hair down (if you can take it off your head)  and scrunch the curls up to avoid hair from falling throughout the day.  

Asian Doll’s Many Curly Looks

Wet & wavy
Pulled back with a headband (Dior of Course)
Full and carefree
Half up & half down
Pretty in blonde