J. Cole has had an eventful month of May. The Dreamville founder dropped his 6th No.1 studio album, The Off-Season, and made his professional basketball debut in the same weekend. He signed with the Rwanda Patriots of the Basketball Africa League for 3-6 games. So far he has played two games. The team is 1-1.

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While his few highlights have been magnified due to his celebrity, the league’s top scorer is not too fond of Cole’s presence.

“I think there’s a negative and a positive [to J. Cole’s presence],” said, via ESPN. “The negative part of it is, I think he took someone’s job that deserves it.”


“The negative part of it is: I think he took someone’s job that deserves it. I live in a basketball world. I don’t live in a fan world. I know a lot of guys that had their careers stopped by COVID and they’re still home working out and training for an opportunity like this. For a guy who has so much money and has another career to just come here and average, like, one point a game and still get glorified is very disrespectful to the game. It’s disrespectful to the ones who sacrificed their whole lives for this.

Stoglin passively adds the potential positives to J. Cole’s BAL presence.

“The positive side of it is: it brings a lot of attention, and, I guess, money. I don’t really pay attention to that type of stuff. I’m more [concerned that] he took someone’s job that deserved it.”

Terrell Stoglin played for the University of Maryland from 2010-12 and scored 40 points in his most recent game for AS Sale. So far Stoglin is the only player to publicly state his opinion J. Cole’s pro-presence.