The BET Awards recently released their nominees for “Best Female Hip Hop Artist”. According to the list Cardi B. Coi Leray, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Latto, and Saweetie have all been nominated for the award. While all of these artists have had an impact on the hip hop scene this year, there are a few ladies that fans feel should be on the list too. The three names that kept coming up on Twitter, are Flo Milli, Chika and Tierra Wack.

What Fans Are Saying

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“no flo milli? No chika? No Tierra Whack????? Wtf is going on???” wrote luvalaine.

Some Twitter users implied that colorism may play a role why some artists weren’t recognized.


“exactly my thought .. same for tierra whack, chika, doechii n bree runway … this industry a joke bro” wrote uchih0e_.

Other Twitter users suggested that they may have only picked mainstream artists.

“chika? rico nasty? sampa the goat? che noir? sa-roc? snow tha product? there are actually plenty good female rappers the problem is that folks don’t wanna fuck with them and only listen to mainstream sh*t” wrote sonofjpegmafia.

Fans aren’t the only ones that reacted to the news. Rapper Chika, also had thoughts on not being nominated. In a thread of Tweets, she explained her relationship with the network and why she felt slighted.

“lol BET will beg you and your team to participate in all their freestyles & shit but purposely act like they don’t know you exist. chile, i don’t care.” wrote Chika.

“imagine taking BET seriously.” wrote Chika.

“.@BET don’t hit my team for shit. I have never craved any recognition from y’all, so stop asking me to rap for your bummy ass productions.” wrote Chika.

“they been disrespecting me since 2018 and my team has begged me to work with them ever since. but they can truly choke. we got actual respectable awards to worry about.” wrote Chika.

“they went so far as to tell my managers that the president of BET wants to hop on the phone and “make it up to me,” cuz they know they’ve been less than respectful in years prior. all they do is beg behind the scenes and use your talent for their own validity.” wrote Chika.

Chika first caught the world’s attention attention in 2018, when she went viral for calling out Kanye West for his support of former president Donald Trump in a freestyle rap. Her viral videos, songwriting skills and voice have earned her accolades. Since then, she was included in XXL‘s 2020 Freshman Class and was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.