We can’t imagine how hard it has been for the family of Frankie Lons since the news of her passing. The 61-year-old mother reportedly passed away on her birthday just last week. While most of her children took to Instagram to announce the news to the public, it took Keyshia Cole a little longer than her siblings to pen a tribute to her mother on Instagram.

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When she did break her silence, fans of the singer quickly swarmed her DMs and comment section with love in hopes of helping Cole grieve.

Well now, the “Love” singer has updated fans with a post to her Instagram on how she has been doing. “The fact that DJ just gave me his cold, SMH!” she began. “And I have to care for my youngest. Dealing with mom passing!!! Plan Tobias bday! He’s turning 2 Aug 1st! I just can’t!”


“Not gonna lie tho, the hundreds of thousands of DM’s I’m receiving!!! And my youngest @tobiaskhaled keeping me busy and @daniel_gibsonjr keeping me on him everyday,” she continued. “And my endless family and friend coming by even tho they f*cking noooooo I’d rather be alone.”

“They literally don’t care and keep doing it anyway,” the singer wrote with the face palm emoji. Keyshia ended her post by ensuring that she will continue to be strong despite her not being able to cope with her mother’s loss in the way she would like to. “But I will!! My point was being strong in moments we have to. I wish I could just lay here alone and feel bad. But I cant!”

We will continue to keep Keyshia Cole and her family in our prayers as we send our sincerest condolences to the family on Frankie Lons.