Imagine being a musician and saying you don’t know who ?uestlove is?

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Questlove is joining the long list of artists who are taking issue with DaBaby. 

On Wednesday, The Roots cofounder shared a list of names of a number of artists but the Charlotte native’s name is crossed out. 


In the caption, Questlove clarified that the list was a hypothetical #SummerOfSoul lineup but added that he no longer wanted DaBaby following his comments “wrong.” 

Questlove denouncing DaBaby comes after pop stars Dua Lipa, Demi Lovato, rock icon Elton John and more spoke against Baby’s homophobic statements.

DaBaby didn’t take the public criticism well and he fired back on his Ig stories.

“I ain’t even tryna be funny when I say… I do not know who dis n***a is dawg,” he claimed. “And I do not care bout losing you as a fan my boy lol @questlove. You or any other n***a who wanna play follow the leader. These n***a really think they gone influence people to stop f****n w/ the INFLUENCE.”

It didn’t take long for the “Suge” rappers comments to stir up more controversy online.

It’s time for someone’s publicist to step in and take the reigns.

Do you think Dababy is capping when he says he doesn’t know who Questlove is? Share your thoughts below.

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