Pepa from the legendary group Salt N’ Pepa is in legal trouble. 

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This update comes after Pepa sued Dr. Sayah back in 2019 over alleged negligence. According to the lawsuit, the rap icon, born Sandra Denton, was referred to Sayah to remove implants that had shifted from a car accident. Instead she alleges that he convinced her to do multiple corrective surgeries which left her with a hard butt.

Reports emerged Wednesday that the “Push It” star is now being sued by the Beverly Hills Doctor. Sayah says Pepa’s reconstructive surgery on her body cost $676,675.00 and he wants to get paid in full. 


Radar Online reported, “The doctor filed the lien as part of Denton’s lawsuit against Uber over the car crash she was in.

Sayah wants to make sure he gets paid if Denton is awarded a dime in the suit against the ride-sharing company. The lien will allow him to collect if any judgment is entered in favor of the singer.

Sayah attached a series of involves from 2019 which included costly procedures to remove a bunch of injections and implants that Denton had inserted into her.”

Denton said eventually she went to another doctor who told her there was a “large amount of biopolymer silicone and dead scar tissue remaining” based on an MRI.”

The lawsuit is ongoing which makes sense as to why she hasn’t paid her unpaid invoices.