While in the Bahamas getting ready for The Big3 Championship games, Amir Johnson shared his most memorable Hip-Hop moment. Amir Johnson, co-captain of the Trilogy is looking to take home the championship title in this year’s BIG3 finals game. We caught up with Johnson after practice to get some insight on his love of Hip- Hop.

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“OVO Fest in Toronto where Drake is performing, he brought me out on stage,” Amir Johnson shared. “That was my first time being frozen with stage fright,” the 14-year NBA veteran added.

Johnson compared his experience to playing basketball, saying he’s used to people being in the stands watching but on stage you get a different feel. “Everyone’s eyes are on you, and you’re just standing there with people waiting for you to do something.” Johnson said he was on stage dancing with excitement when he noticed how many people were in attendance.


Watch the rest of the interview below.

Big3 Championship game is set to air today on CBS 3:30pm ET.