Fans are shook after Fat Joe compared DaBaby to the late and great Tupac Shakur. 

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During an recent appearance on Rap City ’21, Joey Crack was asked who’s the 2021 version of Tupac and the Bronx rapper said DaBaby. 

The Terror Squad leader did not offer any reasoning to why he felt that comparison was accurate but the North Carolina rapper certainly agreed. 


Following Fat Joe’s comparison, DaBaby shared the post on his Instagram Story. 

Meanwhile on social media, a lot of people were caught off-guard over Fat Joe’s answer with some even finding it hilarious.

One user wrote: “Wait, Fat Joe said what? I don’t think so. Tupac is in a class all by himself. DaBaby don’t even come close to touching Tupac. Not in this lifetime. Nope.”

More fans of Tupac continued in on Joe with quite a few raising their eyebrow at the “All The Way Up” rapper.

“Fat Joe calling DaBaby the 2021 2Pac let’s me know Fat Joe is held WAY too high in the culture… respectfully”

Fat Joe went on live after seeing the reactions he received online.

Joe explained he was put on the spot and wished Big Tigger never asked him the question. He also pointed out he only gave an answer because it was for Rap City ’21.

The 51-year-old Bronx bred rapper said, “I’m not making excuses. I’m not saying sorry. None of that.”

Joey Crack continued to clarify, “I’m thinking DaBaby is a real one, certified real one. Whether you like him or you don’t like him, I believe he lives what he raps. And that’s very much like Tupac. But is he Tupac Shakur? No! No one will ever be Tupac Shakur.”

Who would you name as the modern day Tupac?