Lil Xan‘s most recent attempt to stunt in the public eye might have backfired against him. This follows an Instagram story post showing two Richard Millie’s also tagging the famous designer. Fake Watch Busters a popular watch blog with a network size of 700,000 followers immediately called out Lil Xan, the blog claimed the watches are fake.

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The caption read, “@xanxiety in our opinion you’re wearing two fake Richard Mille,” the account captioned the photo. “The RM035-01 Rafa Nadal looks fake as well. A genuine RM11-03 Carbon NTPT worth approx 560K+ USD. A genuine RM035-01 worth approx 500k+ USD.”

In the Hip Hop community, the Richard Millie watch is used as a status symbol of wealth. A Blog To Watch, in 2017 stated the popular watches start with a price tag of $80,000 and can range all the way to a few million dollars. In September the Fake Watch Buster account was quick to call out Lil Baby after he allegedly purchased a fraudulent Patek Phillipe watch for $400,000. Lil Baby eventually received a public apology after blasting the jeweler that sold him the fake watch and also some free jewelry.


We are yet to know if Lil Xan knew the watches were real or fake. Many have fallen victim to fake jewelry in the music industry, but Lil Xan is yet to make a response on the matter.