After a request last week from Judge William M. Ray II to share her STD test results in the defamation case against vlogger Latasha “Tasha K” Kebe, famed rapper/reality star Cardi B contends that she’s shared her herpes and HPV tests months ago, which will allegedly prove that Tasha K was spreading false rumors, therefore, solidifying her defamation case.

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Cardi, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, said in the comments on an IG post from NeighborhoodTalk, “The test results been already turned in for 3 month’s already however her lawyers requested for all of my medical records which got denied by the judge! Only herpes and hpv will be for the trial as judge requested!”

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Cardi continued in the comments, saying, “And for the people who lack comprehension reason why I sued in the first place is because I wanted to publicly prove that these deceases and claims this woman made about me are false and I’m willing to do anything and everything to prove it. THANKS.”