In a recent podcast, DJ Akademiks expressed his feelings on his ongoing beef with Freddie Gibbs. On Gillie Da King and Wallo267’s Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, the media personality says that he would do a boxing match with the ‘Alfredo’ rapper for the right price.

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“…with any of these n—as,” Ak said responding to Gillie’s question on whether or not he would do a boxing match with Freddie Gibbs. Akademiks also refers to Mysonne and Meek Mill who he’s also had issues in the past.

“Most of these dudes try to get these gangsta points off thinking they’re going to bully me,” Akademiks said on the podcast. “Oh you want to box? We can box,” he said.


Akademiks and Gibbs’ issues have been ongoing since the former Complex hip-hop culture commentator called Gibbs “irrelevant” on an episode of Everyday Struggle. Since then, Gibbs has taken shots at the Twitch personality on social media and at performances saying recently on Twitter that he “could been smoked Akademiks” but opted not to.

As far as social media, Akademiks has hardly shied away from responding to Gibbs’s comments telling Gibbs to “stfu” about things he doesn’t plan to do.

Ak claims on the podcast that he invited Gibbs to pull up on him, a DM that Gibbs later posted on social media instead of responding.

The subject kept re-emerging during the pod as Gillie and Wallo attempted to squash the beef between Ak and Gibbs. Akademiks said continuously that he has no interest in squashing their beef.