Bow Wow is a legend in the industry. Despite music not being his main focus anymore, he has been able to keep himself relevant for almost three decades. Despite his success, Bow Wow has had ups and downs throughout his career and seems to be paying more attention to the failures he’s had.

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One fan asked Bow Wow on Twitter if he had any regrets throughout his career. Bow Wow replied saying that he wished he had never touched music and just stuck to acting.

“@smoss Do you have any regrets I’m the music business. If you could have done it all again, what would you change?” the fan asked.


“Just been an actor and never touched music,” Bow Wow replied.

It’s unsure what made Bow Wow feel this way. Earlier this week Bow Wow was trending on Twitter after some claimed that nobody could name three Bow Wow songs, so maybe that’s what struck a blow to the “Shortie Like Mine,” “Like You,” and “Basketball” artist.