Lil Yachty is vastly loyal to SoundCloud and Michigan. His affinity for both is so strong that he chose SoundCloud as the music platform to drop unreleased songs from his Michigan Boat mixtape.

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The Atlanta rapper went to Twitter to announce the news. He said the songs that didn’t make the 2021 Michigan Boat mixtape will be available for streaming on SoundCloud. We don’t know when.

Although Michigan Boat did drop in 2021, Lil Boat always shared a transcendent relationship with Michigan.


The proof is in the music. Lil Yachty made music with Michigan artists before the Midwest music boom. In 2017, the then-emerging Detroit artist, Tee Grizzley, featured Yachty on “From The D to the A,” Which seemingly bridged the Midwest and the music industry gap.

His mixtape Michigan Boat can take some of the credit for bringing today’s household names to the light. The tape featured now A-list names such as Babyface Ray, Ice Wear Vezzo, Baby Smoove, Tee Grizzley, and more. This proves that Lil Boat never bandwagon the movement. He was only in his sophomore year of hip-hop.

As far as his love for his SoundCloud listeners, Lil Yachty has been giving them heat from day 1, literally. His song “1 Night” became a viral sensation on SoundCloud, and he still delivers music on there. Besides fans gearing up to hear new songs from Michigan Boat, Yachty has been dropping a plethora of songs on SoundCloud. He just dropped one two months ago.

It’s uncertain when Lil Boat will be releasing the never heard before music or how many songs will be on it, but it should be arriving soon. Until then, fans can check out “YAE ENERGY” on his SoundCloud channel.