Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know that elevates your career, and we could all benefit from being connected to the movers and shakers of our industries. For independent artists on the rise, G Ben Israel of Base Builders Co is the contact to have. With the power to get new tracks to the ears of millions, G Ben is the obvious choice for maximum exposure.

Hailing from musical roots, the southside Chicagoen always had a desire to build something larger than himself. In 2018, he combined that desire to make a global impact with his interest in organic online promotion with the launch of his agency, Base Builders Co. As with any business venture or large goal, the journey is never easy, but G Ben Israel was up for the challenge. His determination and consistency serve as the driving force behind his success.  

He has worked with some of the top names in music, such as Joyner LucasSukihanaPleasure P and Seddy Hendrinx to name a few. To date, Base Builders has amassed over a million followers across all of it’s music and social platforms with a daily growing fanbase.

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Shawn Grant is a Chicago native and the Senior Editor of The Source Magazine. He can only be found on Instagram and Twitter at @shawnxgrant.

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