When it comes to coke rap there aren’t many who can flow about pyrex pots and bricks like Pusha T. Speaking with Complex, Pusha T highlighted who are the three greatest coke rappers of all-time.

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“Hov is first, because he made Reasonable Doubt, and that is the grail of all drug levels, without being all about drugs. It spoke more to the lifestyle,” Pusha T said. “Lyrically, I’m going to say that I’m next. And I’ll say Jeezy is third, because I don’t believe there was a stronger moment in time than Trap or Die.”

The latest display of exquisite coke bars from Pusha T comes on his new single “Diet Coke.” The single is produced by YE and 88 Keys, the latter of which reveals the single was created by him 18 years ago. Great music doesn’t age.


 “I made that beat 18 years ago,” 88 Keys said. “It was an interlude that I made for my beat tape, and the name of my beat tape was called ‘The Makings of Crack Cocaine.’ How funny is that?”

You can tap into the new single below and be sure to read the full interview over at Complex.