Highland Park, Illinois mass shooting suspect Robert Crimo reportedly dressed in women’s clothing to escape the area following firing into a parade on the Fourth of July.

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According to Lake County Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli, Crimo shot over 70 rounds and dressed in disguise to hide his notable tattoos. He escaped through the crowd running from the chaos of the shooting.

Crimo used a “high-powered rifle” in the shooting that he legally purchased. After leaving the rifle on the roof, Crimo returned to his mother’s home and took her Honda, leading the police on a high-speed chase hours later. Crimo is suspected to have planned the attacks for weeks.


According to the Sun-Times, six people were killed and over 25 were injured in the shooting. The suspected gunman was apprehended on U.S. 41 in Lake Forest, Illinois, following an 8-hour manhunt, which asked for citizens to shelter in place.

Robert E. “Bobby” Crimo III is 22 years old and was arrested without conflict after a brief chase occurred. Crimo was spotted by a North Chicago police officer leading to the chase. After the arrest, Crimo was taken to the Highland Park police station.

At the scene of the parade, five people were pronounced dead. A sixth died in transportation to the hospital. A majority of those wounded but still alive had gunshot sounds. Others were injured by the chaos of people scrambling for their lives. Victims ranged from as young as eight to 85.

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