Kenneth Petty, Nicki Minaj’s husband, has managed to sidestep 10 years in prison for failing to register as a sex offender after moving to Los Angeles in 2019. According to Rolling Stone, Petty will have a year of in-home confinement and three years of probation. In addition, Petty will have to pay a $55,000 fine.

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Speaking in court, Petty accepted full responsibility for his failure to register.

“I’m ashamed, embarrassed and disrespected my wife’s brand,” Petty said at the court. “There are no excuses, I broke the law. I thank you for giving me the chance to speak, to apologize.”


Minaj wrote a letter to the court, stating she has seen the development in Petty during their 20 years of knowing each other and the impact of his being in jail could have on their son. “I have no doubt my son would be traumatized if his father would be taken out of his life,” Minaj wrote.

In August 2021, TMZ reported Thursday that Kenneth Petty attempted to have his name removed from the registry on a technicality. Petty stated he was never given the chance to oppose the risk level assigned to him and alleges that someone forged his signature before the hearing as he was incarcerated during the time. 

In March of the same year, Kenneth Petty’s alleged rape victim spoke out about the harassment she’s been receiving from her rapist and his wife, Nicki Minaj. The alleged victim named Jennifer spoke about the harassment she’s received in wake of Petty’s 2020 arrest.

“I’m hoping for the truth to come out, and whatever comes from that truth, to let it be,” Jennifer said. “After everything that has happened, it’s like, these people were willing to sacrifice me so this guy could remain in the public eye,” she said. “I feel like my family was willing to sacrifice me.”

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