A pristine stretch of beachfront property in Southern California is being formally returned to the family of a Black couple it was taken from nearly a century ago.  Los Angeles county officials presented the deed for the land known as Bruce’s Beach at a dedication ceremony on Wednesday.  

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It was originally purchased by Charles and Willa Bruce in 1912 and turned into a resort for Black residents. The city of Manhattan Beach, just 20 miles southwest of downtown L.A., wrongfully condemned the property in the 1920s Jim Crow era. Historical records show that was motivated by a desire to force Black people out of Manhattan Beach. 

Last year, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation that enabled the county to return the beachfront property back to their descendants. Officials voted unanimously to return the land three weeks ago to the Bruce’s great-grandsons, a decision that was years in the making. The two lots are worth approximately $75 million in total, according to CNN.


The ceremony included remarks from the Bruce family and live music and dance performances.

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