Nicki Minaj and her legal team aren’t not letting any slander slide from blogger accounts making preposterous accusations about her, and now she’s filed a lawsuit.  

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According to legal documents, Nicki Minaj, 39, filed a Manhattan federal court lawsuit on Tuesday, September 14, against internet commentator @NoseyHeauxLive alleging that she slandered her name. 

Minaj says the blogger named Marley Green posted a video talking about her, calling her a “coke head” and making “vile” comments about her one-year-old son.  


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The Rap star’s attorney, Judd Burstein, calls the commentator “the ultimate ‘nobody’ without any accomplishments to her name” in court papers. However Burstein claims the lawsuit is merited stating: “But this is the age of social media, one in which a ‘nobody’ can find an undeserved following through relentless self-promotion.”

The alleged comment, appeared in a September 12 video posted to Twitter. Minaj is suing Green for defamation saying she’s never used cocaine and wants a jury to decide damages of no less than $75,000.  

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