You know 2022 was a bizarre year when Alex Jones starts to call other people crazy, especially a formerly beloved hip-hop icon. However, he did just that, going on Steven Crowder’s YouTube show to discuss the fallout and his reactions from his interview with Kanye West from last week.

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After showing some clips of the interview to provide for context, Crowder asks Jones if in “his wildest dreams” that he expected Kanye to make some of the outlandish statements that he did. Jones said that he did not, continuing that he didn’t give Kanye limits as to what he could talk about, but asked that he talk about “real issues,” to which Kanye didn’t obviously adhere,

Jones called Ye’s mask “creepy,” before stating that he didn’t believe that West understood World War II history, saying that Ye didn’t have “a fifth grade education about the Nazis.”


He called Nick Fuentes “baby Hitler,” saying that Fuentes and other supporters had a “homoerotic Hitler obsession,” claiming “it’s like some homoerotic, you know, thing over Hitler. That is, kinda, what’s going on. There’s this Hitler fetish”

Jones went on to say that Hitler was a pedophile, amongst other things, stating: “Hitler was horrible, screw Hitler, burn in hell Hitler.”

Later in the interview, Crowder’s co-host interjected to say that as a Christian, he was raised to “love the sinner, hate the sin,” but Ye (who claimed many times in the original interview with Jones that he was a devout Christian), failed to condemn any of Hitler’s sins in the hours-long interview.

While Jones said that he lost respect for Fuentes, he did describe Ye as more or less confused, saying that he wanted to meet with Kanye again to educate him on the atrocities of Hitler and the Nazi party during World War II.

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