Al Harrington and Viola Brand have released a new line of edibles with his grandma in mind. Al Harrington and Viola are introducing edibles in Big Apple Dreamin’, Auntie’s Punch, Uptown Espresso, and Paradise Island.

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Harrington’s grandma was known for her apple pie, leading to the Big Apple Dreamin’ flavor, bringing a Native American plant that can calm overactive stress responses and relax the mind and body. It is blended with California Poppy which helps calm anxiety and relieve mental and physical tension.

VVS Edibles Media Kit
VVS Edibles Media Kit

Auntie’s Punch is a fruit-punch-flavored gummies that brings a good-time vibe. Uptown Espresso brings a coffee flavor and energy to invigorate your day. Each gummy contains caffeine and calls to Grandma’s hot coffee with sugar that started every day.


Paradise Island is a trip to paradise, bringing in Tropical Punch flavored gummies for a kick back and relaxed mood reminiscent of memories with Grandma on the islands.

You can see the gummies below and explore the collection here.