MC Jonny T, Rick Ross, and Madd Scientist’s “So Saucy” is a smooth and confident track that showcases Rick Ross’ signature flow and braggadocios lyrics. The song opens with a melodic piano intro that sets a luxurious and sophisticated tone, which is fitting, given the song’s title and Ross’ reputation as a boss. No Rap artist brags quite like Rick Ross.

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The production on this track is top-notch, with crisp drums and a warm, bass-heavy beat that provides a solid foundation for Ross’ rhymes. The volume of top-tier production is also impressive, and you cannot go wrong in describing the sound of this track as “expensive .”The song also features a memorable hook sung by Madd Scientist, whose sultry vocals add a touch of soul to the track. He sounds comfortable without being complacent. On the other hand, Mc Jonny T has a powerful masculine tone that is a pleasure to listen to and evokes a feeling of excitement.

Lyrically, “So Saucy” is rhythmic and awesome. While some may find the track’ explicit content to be shallow, there is no denying that the artists deliver their lines with conviction and swagger.


Conclusively, “So Saucy” is a solid track that showcases Rick Ross’ commanding presence and smooth flow. It also represents MC Jonny T and Madd Scientist as having mastery of many vital skills such as flow, delivery, and clarity. They also weave stories and messages with incredible artistry. The production is top-notch, and the guest vocals from Madd Scientist and Mc Jonny T add an extra layer of soul to the track. While the song may not delve too deeply into a more meaningful subject matter, its content is indeed explicit, but it will surely get heads nodding and speakers bumping.
A great piece.

As a Record label executive and co-owner of “JTLR Music” (production company) and co-owner of “Rino Media Group” (record label),  MC Jonny T has recorded music with renowned artists, including; Ras Kass, Capadonna from the Wu-Tang Clan, JTLR, and most recently Rick Ross. His legacy stands out in each single that he makes, and for this reason; we always wait for the next banger to come from MC Jonny T.