Songs are a medium of expression like paintings and other art forms, which is why most singers are also referred to as artists. Songs are among the most prominent audiovisual entertainment forms for most people, besides movies and television series. Singers entertain people with interesting, captivating, unique lyrics, vocals, and styles. However, few have the ability, talent, and skill to achieve prominence and appeal to global audiences. Most singers attract audiences by developing catchy tunes in their amazing voices and producing attractive music videos. Many people are fond of music and try to achieve popularity by singing famous songs of prominent artists as covers. However, talented singers reach new heights of popularity and fame by producing original content and songs that appeal to the masses.

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Singer-songwriters are unique and multitalented people who write, compose, sing, and perform their songs to entertain people. Singing and songwriting are different song production talents or categories and involve varying abilities and skills. Singing involves stunning vocals, while songwriting comprises excellent poetry and lyrical skills. Successful singer-songwriters possess a unique combination of appealing vocal and lyrical abilities that differentiate them from the rest of the crowd. Thousands of people claim to be singer-songwriters, but they cannot entertain people due to a lack of skills or talent in either of the two categories. However, some singers are inherently talented in singing and songwriting to captivate audiences with their interesting lyrics and beautiful voice. Speaking of gifted singer-songwriters, Jordan Bolch is a multitalented individual with several unique capabilities and talents.

Jordan Bass Bolch is an American entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, and music executive famous for his songs Candy, Control, Centerfold, and You Got Me. He has been a board member of the gas station business RaceTrac since 2008. Apart from being among the owners of a prominent family business, Bolch also co-founded an apparel company named Six Feathers and several studios. He is also the co-owner of Media Monsters. Bolch also established two music recording studios, Jordan Bolch Studios in Atlanta, GA, and Auricle Studios in Studio City, CA. Although a prominent entrepreneur and owner or co-founder of several recording studios, Bolch is primarily known for his singing talent and songs.


Jordan Bolch wrote and released several popular songs and albums during his 7-year music career. Bolch writes, sings, and produces his songs simultaneously while maintaining a balance to entertain audiences. His popular songs include Candy, Control, Northern Lights, Press Play Remix, 911, Centerfold, You Got Me, B.U.T.R. Pt. II, Slide, Now You Know, Dance Around, and Japan (Cory Enemy Remix). The songs received significant popularity from listeners on multiple platforms and music streaming services, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Allmusic, and Music Apple. Bolch also released several albums during his career, including Slide (2015), Unleash the Beat (2017), World Tour (2019), Worldwide Remixes (2020), and Lost in Space (2021). He is also set to release an album in 2023 through his recording studio. The albums, Unleash the Beat and Lost in Space are extended play (E.P.) records produced in collaboration with prominent DJ producer Akuarium.

Starting his music career in 2015, Jordan Bolch produced his first album, Slide, after partnering with music producers Patrick Collier and Richie Schwab. Shortly after meeting with the two music producers, Bolch also developed his namesake studio Jordan Bolch Studios. The album comprised twelve songs, including hits like Slide, Dance Around, All or Nothing, Play, and Desperado. The second solo album World Tour, released in 2019, had thirteen songs, including hits like Japan, Welcome to L.A., Centerfold, 911, Lit, Keys, and Northern Lights. Bolch released his third album, Worldwide Remixes, in 2020, comprising electronic remixes of his songs on previous albums, including Centerfold, Japan, Northern Lights, Welcome to L.A., and 911. The World Tour and Worldwide remixes albums also accompanied their instrumental counterparts for music lovers.

Jordan Bolch is a prominent performing artist and commercial jingle producer with several notable performances and productions. He performed at several significant events, including his debut performance at the Buckhead Theater in Atlanta, GA, in 2015 and opening for Bobby Brown at the Centennial Olympic Park Fireworks Spectacular in 2017. Bolch also performed with Akuarium at the Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta, GA, and at the Super Bowl LIV weekend event in Miami, FL. He wrote, recorded, and produced a commercial jingle for a premium ultra-pure water brand in Advance, NC, Le Bleu. Bolch received the Gold Telly Award for his work on the commercial for Le Bleu. Jordan Bolch has been entertaining people through his singing and music production for several years and promoting several artists through his recording and mixing studios.