There has been a lot of criticism over the new $10 million sculpture designed to honor Martin Luther King Jr. The latest comes from Dr. King’s cousin by marriage, Coretta Scott King’s cousin Seneca Scott who stated the new piece of art “looked like a penis.”

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Scott is a former mayoral candidate for the city of Oakland, California. Once he saw the work that was unveiled in Boston, she declared it was insulting to Dr. King’s family, according to CNN.

The artwork, titled “The Embrace,” is supposed to mirror a moment in which Dr. King hugs Corretta Scott King after finding out he won the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize. Scott agreed that you could see the vision from all angles, but at a certain angle “it’s a stump that looked like a penis. That’s a joke.”


Scott doubled down on the sentiment when speaking with, stating it looks “like a pair of hands hugging a beefy penis.”

But Scott isn’t the only critic of the artwork. People have chimed in their options on Twitter all week. Many of them are not flattering.