The new episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game will ruffle some feathers. Hosts Wallo267 and Gillie Da Kid sat down with J. Prince and the Prince Family, clearing the air on numerous issues, including the death of Takeoff.

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At the tail end of the interview, J. Prince turned his attention toward Offset.

“This Offset dude, I ain’t gone leave him out. I’m real like this. N***as throw rocks and hide they hands, and I don’t like them kind of individuals. The truth of the matter is, one can dance and different things in front of cameras and different kind of shit, but in reality, n***a, you wasn’t really right there with Takeoff when he was alive.”


He would go on to say he has people everywhere and hears different types of conversations.

“Don’t ever put me in no position where I have to defend myself, that wouldn’t be healthy for you,” J. Prince said. “I’m going to give it to him right on ‘Million Dollaz’ Worth of Game’ because I ain’t gone throw rocks and hide my hands. I’m going to let it be known to him ’cause I hear what’s being said.”

He added, “It’s all love after that. Peace.”

In response, Offset blasted the three men for continuing to take interviews and speak on his relationship with Takeoff.

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