Despite what Offset says, it appears something did happen backstage between him and Quavo. A new video from Entertainment Tonight captured Cardi B yelling at two unidentified people.

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“Both of y’all wrong! Both of y’all! This is not right!” Cardi said. “No b*tch, shut the f*ck up ’cause you shouldn’t have been talking.”

After the moment, Cardi strolls out past ET’s Kevin Frazier who asks about the incident.


“I heard you back here settled some stuff,” he asked. “The only thing I settled was my outfit, honey,” Cardi wittingly fired back.

Meanwhile, Offset is calling cap on a report he and Quavo fought backstage at the GRAMMYs. Hitting Twitter after the TMZ report stirred up timelines, Offset hit Twitter:

During the In Memoriam section of the GRAMMYs, Quavo performed a tribute to Takeoff, his recently released single “WITHOUT YOU.” The moment ended with Quavo and the supporting group Maverick City Music standing with Takeoff’s chain.

In a report from TMZ, moments before the performance started, Quavo was involved in a fight with Offset backstage. The physical encounter led to Quavo and Offset being pulled apart. It started because The GRAMMYs wanted Offset to be a part of the tribute and Quavo refused to let it happen.

According to TMZ, Offset didn’t start the fight. Also noting Quavo and Takeoff were close before his untimely death, notably releasing an album together, while Offset was outside of the group dynamic due to personal reasons.

We hope that the duo is soon able to put their issues behind them and come together.

A video of Quavo’s tribute is below.