Aoki Lee Simmons has been under fire after revealing her boyfriend on social media. Commenters attacked Aoki’s decision to date white and questioned if she ever experienced dating her own race. Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons’ youngest daughter decided to curb her social media activity after an influx of nasty comments following her Valentines Day post.

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The drama began after Aoki did a ‘hard launch’ of her boyfriend after hiding his identity. They’ve been together for over a year and she’s shared pictures of him before but only his feet. This was the first time anyone saw his face or skin color.

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After countless racially charged comments calling her beau old and ugly, Aoki decided to respond.


Aoki wrote:
It’s genuinely so awful. How is any young person supposed to have a normal well adjusted life if this is what happens over a Godamn tagless valentines day post?!
And I had no idea because within my page it’s mild and mostly positive.
(Thank you guys for that) but I guess outside of it the world, people I haven’t done anything to or harmed at all, are just horrendously bitter and racist.
Anyway. I need to reconsider how/ if I use this platform and what I share.
Which sucks because l’m an open person but this can’t happen to people I care about


She added:
I understand the public figure/you knew it was going to happen ec… argument. Sure I guess I knew the world was stuck in 1950 and would have some recessive & to say about something as simple as an interracial relationship…….
Like that’s truly sad, especially from people of color, but it was expected

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