Beseja “CaddyMack” Moses of Cadillac Muzik & Garrett “Starchild Jr” Shider of Parliament Funkadelic team up to create a Psychedelic Funk & Alternative R&B masterpiece. Moses, the nephew of Jimmy Sampson (Ohio Players Drummer) and Shider, the son of Garry Shider (P-Funk Lead Guitarist) has fused Psychedelic Funk and Modern Alternative R&B/Hip Hop to create something new and unique. 

“I wanted to create something positive. Me and Joseph Raines (Bass Player/Composer) from “Mosaic of Sleepers” already had a pre-composed instrumental that we worked on prior to joining forces with Garrett. I had already written and laced the hooks and verses. It was just missing something. A special touch”

– Moses

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He later was introduced to Garrett Shider by San Antonio local record label executive Lee Munni of Munni Management. Munni was connected to Garrett and felt the two should definitely make some tunes together and merge styles.  Especially since their styles were very similar and Cadillac Muzik is heavily inspired by Parliament Funkadelic. 

Inspired by Soul & Funk greats like P-Funk, Jimi Hendrix, Sly and The Family Stone, Curtis Mayfield, and Isley Brothers, the two have created something nostalgic that’s reminiscent of those eras, but has it’s own modern-day flavor & style.


Cadillac Muzik

Garrett “StarchildJr” Shider (P-Funk)

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