Multifaceted artist Fiyah Marshall returns to the game with explosive debut single “Give It To Me” featuring Sizzla Kalonji!

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After successfully breaking barriers in his home island of Bermuda, Marshall has taken his talents worldwide and is clearly taking the world by storm. After a brief hiatus, Fiyah Marshall has not only returned to the game, but has done so with guns blazing. Friday, May 5th, Fiyah Marshall debuts his return track “Give It To Me” alongside international Reggae star and friend Sizzla Kalonji and produced by 868Music.

“Working alongside an artist like Sizzla Kalonji isn’t just a normal thing one does. He is one of the most prolific reggae artists in the world with a legendary catalog of albums and singles released to date. The man is an icon in not just Reggae music, but all music, and he is hugely respected by everyone in the game from Drake to Rihanna to DJ Khaled to anyone who has a pair of ears, and I am fortunate to call him my friend. I first met Sizzla touring alongside him on the Life Of A Ghetto Youth Tour produced by VAS Productions a few years ago. We had an amazing group of artists on that tour which I got to become friends with and have made some great memories with over the years with Sizzla being one of them. Another of those friends I made is Sizzla’s manager and producer 868Music. We wanted to make an awesome dancehall record, and so he cooked up something special with this beat. The track is classic Sizzla and he does amazing work on it. I did my part and I think it all came together great. The record was mixed and mastered at Just Platinum Studios in Bermuda. We shot the video in several locations in Bermuda, Los Angeles and Jamaica. It is the first of a few records with Sizzla I have off the upcoming ‘Smoke Signals’ album, and I can’t wait for everyone to enjoy it!”

With the highly-anticipated release of his album, Smoke Signals, it’s projected that Fiyah Marshall will be delivering his best project to date.
Keep up with Fiyah Marshall on Instagram @Fiyah_Marshall, and stream “Give It To Me” here.