Snoop Dogg on ice? Not really. But he may hit Canada for a few more hockey games as he has joined an ownership group that is targeting a purchase of the Ottawa Senators.

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According to The Athletic, Uncle Snoop has aligned with Neko Sparks, who has been chasing the hockey franchise since January 2023. If successful, Sparks would become the first Black owner in NHL history.

Sparks won’t be just with Snoop, he also has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a member of the ownership group.


The Senators are not short of suitors, additional bidders include a group led by actor Ryan Reynolds and real estate mogul Christopher Bratty who are looking to bring together $1 billion to buy the team.

The Ottawa Senators finished this season with a 39-35 record and 86 points.

We’ll see who gets to the puck first.