This year, rapper Da Brat and her wife Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart shared their pregnancy journey in season 3 of their WeTV series “Brat Loves Judy.” The ‘Funkdafied’ MC and haircare owner began their IVF journey and selected a sperm donor. The couple just revealed they would be welcoming a biracial baby boy into the world after selecting a white sperm donor to conceive their first child together.

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Last week, the show followed the rapper and haircare mogul as they began their IVF journey and selected a sperm donor. The happy couple was excited to start the process, but Brat and Judy were disappointed to learn how small the pool was for Black sperm donors.

Their doctor, a Black woman doctor by the name of Doctor A addressed the issue behind the lack of Black donors.


“This is an issue. Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough Black donors,” Doctor A says. “Black sperm donors. Black egg donors. Unfortunately, the pool is limited.”

In a  sneak peek from this week’s episode, the couple decides on which sperm donor they’ll go with from the different cryobanks they could choose from. But the matches dropped after pairing donors.

“We had to find a donor that was negative of the four different things that I’m a carrier of that actually reduced our candidates by like 90%,” Judy explained.

Of the options they were left with, only one was Black, and Brat called out how the only Black donor looked like the “Jiminy Cricket” cartoon character.

As a result, Brat and Judy selected a white sperm donor and will welcome a biracial son after confirming the baby’s gender at a reveal party last month.

“But I think we did a great job with picking. He’s handsome, he’s tall and I think he’s going to look beautiful with my wife’s egg.”