Janelle Monáe is receiving backlash for a May 2013 interview where she said she was purposely keeping her clothing on to show young women a different way.

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During the interview, Monae stated,“People don’t ask JAY-Z to take his shirt off when he rhymes….showing my skin is not what makes me sexy… It was up to me to show people and young girls there was another way.”

As the old comments resurfaced, many felt that the comments are hypocritical as Monáe has been showing off her breasts quite often as of late, and recently told Rolling Stone: “I’m much happier when my titties are out and I can run around free.”


“It’s called she trying sell albums lol,” one person wrote in a comment on Instagram, while another said: “Sad to say, but money and fame do change some people.” A third wrote: “She literally ‘changed’ from trying to show girls a better way to being on some nut shit.”

However, not everyone felt that way. Many others were supportive of her growth and reminded others that artists change like most do after an entire decade has passed.

“It’s ok to evolve and change your mind,” one person wrote. Another said: “People can’t gain confidence or evolve?” Someone else said: “She showed y’all that for over a decade. Now she’s on a different time.”

Janelle Monáe showcased her shirtless era earlier this month with her shocking, “Lipstick Lover” music video. In the video, she flashed her boobs and sand next to a woman’s naked bottom.

This week, Janelle Monáe shared a tweet promoting vinyl copies of her upcoming albumThe Age of Pleasure (out June 9) – featuring a close-up painting of her boobs in the artwork. The digital and CD versions of the album also feature cover art showing Monáe swimming naked underwater.


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