EST Gee wasn’t feeling the line of questions in an interview with Bootleg Kev, so he dipped out on the podcast. Hitting Instagram, EST Gee revealed he didn’t leave because of being asked about his football past, as Kev suggested, instead due to questions about aliens and pornstars.

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“@bootlegkev You tryna play it like I walked out cause of football like ain’t did plenty interviews talking about playing and talk about it in my music,” EST Gee wrote on his Instagram story.

“You asking me if I remembered an old man pornstar,” EST Gee typed. “If I believe in aliens and the NFL combine????? WTF do that got to do with my album dropping Friday? And I literally just walked out that interview 2 hours ago you already got a clip up??? You tryna go viral LOL 100.”


EST Gee closed with, “I got real life shit going ask around ion feel like playing so please don’t play with me cause I play crazy.”

In response, Kev stated he is still a fan of EST and is looking forward to the album dropping. “I also can’t wait to talk about Brian Pumper, Aliens, and Football with future guests,” Kev wrote.

Kev also wrote on Twitter that EST Gee’s team stated the rapper did not only want to talk about typical items like music and also went into his punctuality. “He came 90 minutes late (which isn’t unique with some artists) and didn’t ever really seem to want to talk or be interviewed. I don’t care, I’m still a fan of his music and we got a moment out of it for the Internet. No hard feelings.”

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