Desiigner must register as a sex offender after his sentencing and conviction for masturbating midflight.

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In case you missed it, Desiigner was on a Delta flight and would not stop masturbating despite repeated asks from flight attendants. He was eventually moved to the back of the plane and was cared for by two friends. When Desiigner stood up, a jar of Vaseline dropped into the aisle.

But Desiigner had an explanation for himself. Once he was with authorities in Minnesota, the rapper said he “didn’t really get much…cootie” during his Japan visit and was “brick hard” during his flight. In addition, Desiigner also said he was turned on by a flight attendant, and by flashing her, he thought it would provide “encouragement.”


He later would speak to a mental health struggle:


Now TMZ reports Desiigner will register as a sex offender as part of a 2-year probation, including psychiatric evaluation and drug testing. Desiigner is also forbidden from possessing firearms. He must also complete 120 hours of community service.

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