Call of Duty fans, prepare for spine-tingling thrills and ghoulish battles as the hell-cursed anti-hero, Spawn, makes his grand entrance in Season 06. Tasked with eliminating the Dark Ritual Operators wreaking havoc across Al Mazrah and Vondel, players will face nightmarish challenges, from the undead to grotesque monsters, as The Haunting event returns.

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A clandestine group, the Dark Ritual Operators, has inadvertently unleashed a terrifying Hellmouth upon the world. With the gate’s seals torn asunder, nightmarish creatures now plague Al Mazrah, even infiltrating the bloodred canals of Vondel. As these grotesque beings flood into our realm, all Operators must prepare for “Operation Nightmare” to combat these abominable threats.

Amid the chaos, the gate is left open for the arrival of Spawn, the hellacious antihero. Armed with supernatural powers, Spawn is on a mission to send these monsters back to the underworld and thwart the Dark Ritual Operators’ sinister plans.


The Haunting event commences mid-season, delivering Halloween-themed maps, modes, events, and more. At launch, players can expect four new Multiplayer maps, a Battle Pass loaded with devilish new Operators and Weapon Blueprints, and much more.

Stay tuned for Patch Notes from Infinity Ward and Raven Software, which will provide insights into the upcoming Season 06. This season receives additional development support from renowned studios, including Beenox, Sledgehammer Games, and Treyarch.

As Al Mazrah teeters on the brink of eternal darkness, players will need all available intel to survive Operation Nightmare. A comprehensive Roadmap of The Haunting activities is set to be unveiled just before mid-season on Oct. 17th, ensuring players are well-prepared for the horrors that await.

You can learn more about Season 06 here.

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