Meek Mill and Rick Ross recently graced Ebro Darden’s Rap Life Radio with their presence for a special edition, marking the release of their latest single, “Shaq & Kobe.” But the excitement didn’t stop there – the dynamic duo had a major announcement up their sleeves. They revealed plans for an eagerly anticipated collaboration album, Too Good To Be True, set to arrive “ASAP.”

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During the show, the two rap heavyweights expressed their exhilaration at the prospect of recording together again, emphasizing the electrifying energy of being back in the studio. Their collective efforts transcend music, as they are equally dedicated to securing their legacies through groundbreaking business deals.

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“We won already,” Ross said. “We playing with what? The house’s money and it’s only one way to explain that or describe that. It’s too good to be true, which is the name of the project me and Meek Mill will be releasing.”

Ross revealed the album took him and Meek two and a half months to complete. Meek added, “When me and Rozay got in the studio, it was all about real energy, organic motivation. This Rozay, I’m rapping next to too. This Rozay, top five dead or alive right now. I don’t know who want to argue with that.”

In a noteworthy twist, both Meek Mill and Rick Ross underscored their commitment to prioritizing their health, signaling a new chapter in their lives. The announcement has fans eagerly awaiting their forthcoming album and celebrating the enduring influence of these rap icons in the music industry.

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“I wasn’t healthy,” Meek said. I was drinking liquor every day. My stomach was bent over for a year and a half. I came home 2019, I couldn’t smoke weed or really drink liquor like that. And before 2019, I was off the lean and all that.

“I changed my lifestyle. Well I thought I changed, try to change over to the liquor every day. I’m being on tour afterparty. That kind of ruined up my stomach. So I had to sit down for a minute, let my shit build up. That was another human trial that we go through on the inside and they’re like, yo, when you dropping I’m telling my own family, yo, my stomach fucked up. Y’all, I weigh 170, bro. It’s on hit right now.”

You can hear their first single here.

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