The long-awaited collaboration between multi-platinum iconic rapper and Luc Belaire mogul Rick Ross and chart-topping rap superstar Meek Mill has finally arrived with the release of TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. The album, featuring an original sound and earnest lyrics, includes the highly consumed tracks “Shaq & Kobe” and “Lyrical Eazy,” setting the stage for a cultural impact.

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The forthcoming single, “Go to Hell,” is poised to be another hit, featuring an iconic sample from Tears For Fears. The album boasts an impressive lineup of star-studded collaborations, with DJ Khaled, Fabolous, French Montana, Future, Jeremih, Teyana Taylor, The-Dream, Vory, Wale, and the legendary Shaquille O’Neal with Dame D.O.L.L.A. contributing their talents. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE promises to be a must-listen project, blending the distinct styles of Ross and Meek while delivering a rich and dynamic musical experience for fans.

Before releasing their joint album Too Good To Be True, Rick Ross and Meek Mill pulled up on Zane Lowe at Apple Music 1 to discuss the album. Rick Ross called the album unpredictable.


“This the culture,” Ross said. “It’s too good to be true and man, it just feel good, and it was too easy. We set it off. We both know what our true gifts are, our talents are when it comes to production. So when it came to this vibe, it was really simple. It didn’t take a lot of time, but we brought the best out of each other. This was just personal.”

He added, “This was just me and Meek and that was just us in the studio. It wasn’t a lot of people, just the team, the private team. Meek, his team, my team, Sam Sneak, Brion, the producers, and we kept it uncut. We went straight to the vein with it. “

Meek Mill also added notes on the album, “When we get in the studio, that shitt gets serious. Ross getting into serious mode. He trying to knock that shit out and get to work. And you know me, he giving me that gas.

“I’m going to run jumping out that window a hundred miles an hour. But we joke all the time. You’re going to see a lot of that throughout the content and all that. And it’s organic too, Zane. We came up with this idea and we got around each other, built, vibed out and then got in the studio. It don’t matter where we’re recording at, we could be in the closet, Rose going to get this shit done.”

You can hear the project below.

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