A few months ago, three of pop star Lizzo’s former back-up dancers filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the singer, accusing her of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment. Now one of the dancers has added shocking new details to the suit claiming she soiled her clothing but kept dancing in fear of losing her job.

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Radar Online reports:

One of Lizzo’s dancers is giving more details about the alleged hostile work environment she experienced while being in the presence of the pop star — including the “disgusting” moment she soiled herself during re-auditions.


In new court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, Arianna Davis, who was cast in the first season of Watch Out For The Big Grrrls and went on to tour with Lizzo, said the dance cast was forced to “re-audition to save our jobs” in or around April 2023.

“I was incredibly nervous. We were required to dance the 90-minute show from top to bottom. Lizzo was sitting, facing the stage, watching the dancers re-audition,” Davis said in her declaration filed on Wednesday.

She claimed she was “under the impression” the dancers “could not take a break and leave the stage area.” Davis also said she was fearful of “missing a cue and being fired.”

That’s when she detailed the embarrassing moment she soiled herself in front of Lizzo.

“However, I began to feel that I needed to use the restroom, but I was afraid that if I left the stage I would be fired. I continued on as long as I could, but I eventually lost control of my bladder,” Davis recalled. “I continued to dance in my soiled clothes. I felt disgusting, but I couldn’t show it on my face or in my movement, for I continued to fear losing my job.”

“During this time, I hurried backstage with the intention of changing into clean clothes. However, I realized that I had no additional clothes to change into,” the docs read.

Saying she was “distressed,” Davis claimed she told the other dancers about her embarrassing situation. While some of them allegedly “offered their jackets to help cover me up,” another dancer ran to the wardrobe department.

“She came back with a pair of see-through shorts,” Davis, who described herself as religious and a virgin, stated in the docs. “I was mortified, but I had to put them on because my cue to go back on stage was coming up.”

It only got worse from there, she claimed.

“I swiftly ran to the nearest bathroom, wiped myself off, and put on the pair of see-through shorts. I continued the rest of the show exposed from the waist down. I had no underwear on, and anyone could see my behind and my torso,” Davis alleged.

Davis claimed that after the re-audition, Lizzo “simply got up and left the stage,” but her choreographer, Tanisha Scott, suggested she change into something else.

That’s when she was allegedly forced to relive the humiliating moment.

“I then had to explain to her that I could not, as I had urinated in my other clothes,” the docs read. Davis said she was eventually fired in May after Lizzo and her team discovered she had secretly recorded one of their meetings.

According to Davis, Lizzo “cursed at me and said that I f—— up big time.” The dancer claimed that the singer and her dance captain “took turns berating me in front of everybody. Lizzo ultimately fired me in front of everyone.”

Davis joined several of her fellow dancers in a lawsuit against Lizzo, alleging they were forced to endure a sexually charged and hostile work environment and were weight-shamed during their employment. Lizzo has denied the allegations.