RZA recently appeared on SiriusXM’s The Tor Guide hosted by Toraeon SiriusXM’s Hip-Hop Nation. During the interview, RZA discussed recording new music with Wu-Tang Clan and announced the upcoming Wu Tang Clan Las Vegas Resdency, which is slated for February.

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The show’s host Torae asked, “As we talk about new music, how often are you recording with the guys? Obviously, just coming off tour and being back together, we’ll talk about that camaraderie and that energy, but how often are you actually creating music with the guys?” RZA swiftly responded,  “It’s rare. It’s getting rarer because of schedules, because of life, because of being fathers and movie stars and businessmen, but it happens. You know what I mean?” The Abbott added, “The good thing is that whether it happens with me, it still happens. Mathematics, his production skill is razor sharp, so we could just pop up and he’ll hit us with a joint. DJ Scratch has dropped a couple of joints off, Swizz Beats a couple of joint off. You know, in the old days, I was very, you know, just dominant like, “This all my beats,” and that’s because in the old days, I didn’t feel that other producers were giving the hip-hop type of beat that I thought was dope for Wu. If you pay attention to hip-hop and you listen to Wu, one thing you may recognize is that a Wu joint will come on and nobody won’t dance. Everybody listens and because of that is because I don’t want you to dance. I want you to listen, you know what I mean? That means that while a lot of producers was producing for the club and trying to make people dance and produce a radio hit, I was producing for hip-hop.”

See the entire interview below: