If you’re like most people, the insurance game be more tangled than a notorious B.I.G. rhyme, complex and unforgiving. Yet, just like Biggie dropped verses to elevate the rap game, understanding its importance for stacking that generational cheddar can’t be denied. The question for many isn’t whether they need it, but how to navigate this intricate beat to secure their financial future. Enter Insurance Elevated, stepping into the ring with a mission to bring simplicity, accessibility, and personalized coverage to your financial stage. Just like hip-hop artists craft unique flow and style, Insurance Elevated is committed to helping people create a financial plan that’s tailored to their distinct needs, ensuring that their family’s financial well-being is always in tune.Insurance Elevated is committed to helping you secure your family’s financial well-being.

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Based in Tampa, FL, Insurance Elevated, led by President and CEO Eric Bosworth, is helping people navigate the world of insurance while ensuring they are neither underinsured nor overpaying for protection they don’t need. With a dedicated team of 246 professionals, the agency boasts operations in Tampa, Orlando, and Overland Park, Kansas, with plans to expand into Fort Lauderdale. With verified reviews including, “This is what it should feel like dealing with an agent in any field,” Insurance Elevated has happy customers singing its praises.”

Yet, Eric’s path to success was far from joyful. Born in the rural city of Haines City, Florida, Bosworth faced numerous challenges from an early age. Despite these hardships, he managed to put himself through high school, graduating in 2009. His entrepreneurial spirit emerged early, leading him to establish a barber shop and clothing store in his hometown, which he successfully operated for two years. But this success was short-lived, as unforeseen circumstances dismantled everything he had built.


Undeterred, Bosworth relocated to Lakeland, Florida, where he embarked on a career with a third-party Sprint dealer. His remarkable performance catapulted him to the position of district manager, overseeing 34 stores and earning the accolade of top manager for Sprint in 2016 among nearly 200 locations. This period marked the beginning of his ascent in the corporate world.

Bosworth’s entry into the insurance industry began in January 2021 with US Health Advisors, where he sold health insurance. His career path took him to Texas and eventually back to Tampa, where he expanded his expertise to life insurance, fixed index annuities, and cash accumulations. This diverse experience laid the groundwork for his leadership at Insurance Elevated.

Under Bosworth’s guidance, Insurance Elevated has experienced exponential growth due in large part to its revolutionary approach to agent empowerment. Contrary to the traditional model where agents’ rights are restricted, Insurance Elevated gives its agents full ownership of their business, fostering autonomy and growth. This is complemented by the use of sophisticated CRM systems, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Insurance Elevated’s ascent has been remarkable. As a part of the Family First Life Organization, it is recognized as the fastest-growing agency within the nation’s leading Independent Marketing Organization. With this success, the agency is looking to establish a permanent headquarters in Tampa and is exploring real estate options to support its expanding operations.

Bosworth’s story isnt just about climbing the corporate ladder; it’s a revolutionary anthem of shaking up the insurance game. He’s using his platform to motivate and mentor, especially for the young guns, preaching the gospel of resilience and self-belief. Eric Bosworth’s legacy isn’t just about business growth; it’s about dropping industry-shifting verses and impacting lives, like a hip-hop maestro composing his masterpiece.