Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay has become the podcast to go get your gripes off. After the viral Katt Wiliams interview, Shay Shay welcomes another comedian, Mo’Nique, who aired her issues. The targets include Tiffany Haddish, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, and Kevin Hart.

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Mo’Nique addressed comments by Haddish directed toward her husband and business partner in discussing the failed Netflix deal. “My business run different than her business,” Haddish said. “I don’t live her life. I don’t have that husband of hers.”

During the episode, Mo’Nique said: “When I saw that, it’s like, Tiffany, if you had a husband like mine, you may not have two DUIs. If you had a husband like mine, you may not be caught up in what looks like you could have been grooming a child.”


Shots fired.

The commentary on Kevin Hart was a bit softer, stating the comedian ghosted her after appearing on his podcast. Hart stated he would executive produce any project she wanted to work on, but his manager gave the impression the comedian didn’t want “anything to do with” her. Hart called it all miscommunication, but there hasn’t been any conversation since.

Mo’Nique also stated when her family was in a bad spot, Kevin Hart extended his hand with a check, whichs he later repaid.

Moving on to Oprah, Mo’Nique states she was “betrayed” by the woman she once idolized. “Family is sacred, and we don’t cross the line with family.” The lengthy discourse on Oprah is available below.

In the same statement, she addressed Taraji P. Henson’s crying in the media, suggesting it was more well-received than standing firm with her husband by her side. “It’s a sad day when we’re questioning why a Black man would stand with his Black woman.” Mo’Nique stated Henson was a “better messenger” for the matters impacting Black women in Hollywood.

Mo’Nique stated she had a recording of Tyler Perry admitting to lying about Mo’Nique being hard to work, leading to her being blackballed.

“That’s cost my family tens of millions of dollars, yeah, over a lie and a rumor,” Mo’Nique said, speaking on a loss of an opportunity for generational wealth. “We want to ensure that when we leave here, our babies are in good hands. Their well-being is paramount. If Tyler Perry hadn’t spread that falsehood, we’d be on our way already.”

During the episode, Mo’Nique revealed Sharpe heard the recording.

You can hear it below.