Wendy Williams’ former husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., has reportedly expressed feelings of being blindsided and furious upon learning about his son’s involvement in the upcoming Lifetime docuseries, “Where is Wendy Williams?” Sources close to the situation have revealed Hunter’s disappointment and concern over the portrayal of his ex-wife in the documentary.

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According to reports from The Sun, an insider within Wendy Williams’ inner circle shared exclusive insights into Hunter Sr.’s reaction to the documentary. The insider revealed that Kevin Hunter Sr., aged 51, was taken aback and deeply disappointed by the negative portrayal of Wendy Williams in the trailer for the docuseries. Hunter Sr. reportedly felt blindsided by the project, particularly after his son, Kevin Hunter Jr., had initially expressed a desire to have no involvement in it.

The insider further disclosed that Kevin Hunter Sr. had been staunchly against the documentary from the outset, fearing that it would tarnish Wendy Williams’ legacy even further. Wendy Williams, a former TV host, departed from her long-running talk show amidst ongoing health and legal battles in July 2021, marking a significant chapter in her career.


Kevin Hunter Sr., also known as Big Kev, reportedly found the scenes in the documentary trailer depicting Wendy Williams in distressing situations, such as yelling over a bottle of vodka and appearing disoriented in New York City, to be “very sad.” He expressed anger and frustration over what he perceived as the continued exploitation of his ex-wife for entertainment purposes.

Furthermore, Kevin Hunter Sr. expressed regret and sorrow over his son, Kevin Jr.’s, decision to be involved in the project. Despite being advised against it, Kevin Jr. ultimately chose to participate in the documentary, a decision that his father reportedly viewed as detrimental to his best interests.

As the release of the docuseries draws near, the fallout from Wendy Williams’ tumultuous career and personal life continues to unfold, leaving a trail of mixed emotions and unanswered questions about her future in media.

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