Comedienne Jess Hilarious, co-host of the “Breakfast Club” morning show in NYC, has opened up about her regret for making fun of the late Chadwick Boseman’s gaunt appearance before his untimely death from colon cancer.

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In a candid moment on “The Pivot Podcast,” Jess expressed remorse for her 2020 social media post where she mocked Chadwick’s weight loss, unaware of his terminal cancer diagnosis at the time. The beloved “Black Panther” actor had kept his health battle private, leaving the public in the dark about his struggle.

During the podcast episode, Jess explained her perspective at the time, thinking Chadwick had lost weight for an upcoming movie role. “I thought he was, you know, some people really get into the roles that they, you know, lose weight for a role or something like that,” she said. The episode of “Jess with the Mess” playfully commented on Chadwick’s appearance, not knowing the seriousness of his health condition.


Chadwick Boseman had shared a video before his passing, urging people to stay indoors amid the global circumstances. Jess, like many others, thought he was immersed in a movie role, not realizing the gravity of his situation.

“I riffed on him, and everybody thought it was funny and cool, even myself until he passed,” Jess admitted, recognizing the unintentional insensitivity of her comments. The actor’s frail appearance in a wheelchair outside a medical center shortly before his death captured the public’s attention.

Reflecting on the incident, Jess shared her internal struggle and realization. “I [didn’t even] care how people looked at me. How I looked at myself was crazy,” she confessed. The experience prompted her to reconsider her approach, understanding the impact of making assumptions about someone’s appearance without knowing the full story.

“For a minute, I didn’t want to do ‘Jess with the Mess’ no more because you don’t know what the hell people [are] going through, you don’t know when you come at somebody’s appearance… I just looked at him as a great actor,” Jess revealed, highlighting her newfound awareness about the importance of empathy and sensitivity.

“He was so unproblematic,” Jess added, emphasizing the regret she feels for inadvertently contributing to the mockery of a person who was silently facing a serious health battle. The incident serves as a powerful reminder of the need for compassion and understanding, even in the world of entertainment commentary.

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