Retired Marine Major Eric Dominijanni has forged a path of distinction in the Scotch industry with Fior Scotch. As the sole U.S. veteran-owned and Black-owned Scotch available, Fior stands as a testament to Major Dominijanni’s exceptional journey and unwavering commitment to excellence. From his illustrious 20-year military career to the creation of Fior Scotch, Major Dominijanni’s vision has culminated in a blend of unrivaled quality and balance. Since its inception in 2023, Fior has earned prestigious accolades, including double gold medals at the San Francisco and New York World Spirits Competitions. With each sip, Fior Scotch invites consumers to experience the essence of valor and craftsmanship, crafted by a true pioneer in the industry.

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The Source got a chance to speak with Major Eric Dominijanni about his brainchild and rise to success.

Q: Major Dominijanni, as the visionary founder of Fior Scotch, can you share with us the inspiration behind creating the only U.S. veteran-owned and Black-owned Scotch in the market?


A: Shortly after having a shot as a thanks to my military service that was so unpalatable it left a literal “bad taste in my mouth,” I was lucky enough to be in the right place and time where I walked into a Scotch bar! The bartender enthusiastically gave me the greatest tutorial on Scotches that inspired me to delve into Scotches. After initial exposure to Scotches, I started my collection, sampling Scotches from different regions and noting the differences. After having a Scotch that I wished was more or less sweeter, smokier, peatier, I decided to create my own house blend that my friends enjoyed so much they pushed me to “getting it out there.”

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I have heard that Black people don’t drink Scotch. I have even heard that “we” don’t have the refined palate to appreciate Scotches (or other “graduate” spirits). We drink what we can afford, We drink what we know, We drink what we have been exposed to by our family and culture. We drink what is available in our neighborhoods. I wanted to show that with the initial and right exposure to Black Americans by a fellow Black American that I could prove them wrong.

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Q: Your military career spanned 20 years with multiple tours in Iraq and Okinawa. How did your experiences in the Marines influence your journey to creating Fior Scotch?

A: U.S. service members and Marines especially are always used to doing better with less and making the best out of the worst situations. I completely understand this and not only grew quite used to it but also reveled in being able to smile under the most adverse conditions. But…. When the fighting is over, or the training is done, there is no reason why I have to accept substandard treatment, a bad haircut or the wrong order of food. Marines (and other servicemembers) give up time with their families, friends, and more importantly with simple creature comforts that the average person takes for granted.

I wanted to make up for this loss of time with something they/I could enjoy.

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Q: The concept of Fior Scotch began with your “Infinity Bottle” where you blended exceptional drams of Scotch. Can you walk us through the evolution of this personal experiment into the creation of Fior, highlighting any significant milestones or challenges along the way?

A: After my initial introduction to Scotch, I started sampling and then collecting different Scotches of all varieties, regions, price ranges, etc. I then found a Scotch that I believe had a good base to start with for my legacy/infinity bottle. From there, I wanted a hint of peatiness or smokiness or sweetness, and when I found that Scotch that had those attributes/qualities, I would add those few remaining drams into my legacy/infinity bottle. The key was NOT to rush into it!!! When I found a Scotch that had the right notes that I was looking for, I did NOT just add it to the base but I compared it to other Scotches of similar qualities and then reexamined my decision to add it to the base. My goal was to create a blend that was balanced to make everyone happy. That everyone could enjoy. Something not too smoky but with a hint of smoke. Something not too peaty but with a hint of peat…

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Q: Fior Scotch has received widespread recognition and accolades since its inception in 2023, including double gold medals at prestigious spirits competitions. What do these awards mean to you personally, and how do they reflect the quality and craftsmanship of Fior?


Winning anything is usually indicative that you are doing something right. You are faster or stronger or more skilled than others in your category. As the “new guy” on the block… most people think you are just another pop-up brand/company/star that is simply going to fade away with time but when you start receiving those medals and trophies… not once but six times!!! then people start looking at you seriously. I took it to the bridge and came back a winner!

Q: As the only U.S. veteran-owned and Black-owned Scotch available in the market, what message do you hope Fior Scotch sends to consumers and the spirits industry as a whole?

A: I did not create a Scotch of this quality to simply get drunk on. I created FIOR NOT as a simple spirit but as an event. Have a glass when you are celebrating the birth of a child or mourning the loss of a loved one. Have a glass when you are with old friends or when you are alone and thinking about them.

I don’t want you to drink a glass of FIOR…. I want you to experience a glass of FIOR.