Beyoncé’s new country album Cowboy Carter is a bonafide hit on Spotify.

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Here’s the rundown: Cowboy Carter is Spotify’s most-streamed album of 2024. But get this: that’s in just a single day since the highly anticipated release this past Friday. The streaming numbers are pretty nuts. Cowboy Carter has already been streamed 76.13 million times.

Here’s the comparison for context. Beyoncé’s last album, Renaissance, garnered 43 million streams, so Cowboy Carter almost doubled that total. 


TMZ also reported that this is the first time a country album has earned that accolade this year on Spotify. Cowboy Carter is also the biggest debut on Spotify from a Black female artist, well, ever.

Before the album broke records on Spotify, “Texas Hold ‘Em” had already been streamed over 200 million times. Insane.