Stevie J, recently caught up in the scandalous accusations surrounding his pal Diddy, just defended his friend, albeit quite aggressively. But his assault didn’t stop there as he took shots at 50 Cent, who has been on a nonstop trolling barrage against Diddy, which has only increased after the federal raids and sex trafficking investigation. Stevie thinks the investigation is racially motivated. It is an interesting conspiracy theory, although there are, in fact, real accusers who have come forward with vivid accounts of their alleged trauma at the hands of Sean Combs and others. 

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TMZ spoke to Stevie on “TMZ Live,” and he went in on Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, accusing him of tearing down the Black community and even going as far as to call him an “Uncle Tom.” Stevie thinks 50 is part of a propaganda machine against Diddy and says Jackson should “stop being a girl and talking about him.”

It’s clear that after being friends for 29 years, Stevie J’s loyalty is with Diddy’s. Even with all the accusations and federal investigation post-rattles, he is “in better spirits than you’d expect amid the ongoing federal probe.”


Stevie J also recapped his ordeal in Miami after the raid at Diddy’s mansion. From TMZ, he said the feds came into the residence, pointed their guns at him, and ordered him to exit with his hands where they could see them. Whew. He was placed in handcuffs while they searched the premises. He said the federal agents left with a bag of evidence. I wonder what they confiscated. Time will tell.