Without question, fans of North Cackalack rap star DaBaby has had some of the most outrageous interactions with his fans, whether its him knocking them out cold or him giving them a million dollar chain, DaBaby certainly exhibits superstar status.

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This past weekend, DaBaby shared a video of a woman who took pictures with him at the gas station like any normal fan would, but then casually groped him before she walked off.

Yesterday(April 7), the “Rockstar” rapper posted a video on IG with the caption “Just got tried at the gas station.” The cell phone footage shows a woman walking up to his car and asked for a picture, but soon after said she wants to “fuckin’ fuck you,” while sitting in his lap and grabbing his crotch.


He ended the video, but not before saying, “She sexually assaulted me.”

Despite his response, DaBaby really didn’t seem the least bit offended by her behavior, even titling his post, “Anything For You Auntie”.