Former NBA guard Raymond Felton, a long-time teammate of NBA future hall of famer Carmelo Anthony, claims Melo is the greatest scorer he’s ever seen and even better than the biggest names in the scoring GOAT conversation.

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In a recent appearance on the Run Your Race podcast, Felton proclaimed Anthony was more of a pure scorer than his Airness himself, Michael Jordan, and King James, Kobe, or T-Mac Tracy McGrady, who’s often in the conversation. 

“That dude, just the way he can score, how easy it is for him, I don’t know nobody who’s better, to be honest with you. I’m talking Tracy McGrady, I’m talking about MJ, I’m talking about Kobe, LeBron, all these guys. The way he used to score at every level, I don’t know nobody who’s better, for real,” Felton said.


“Post-up, got footwork, midrange is impeccable, shoot the three, athletic, can dunk on you, get to the basket, had handles like a point guard. I’m just saying – whatever you want, he can give to you,” Felton went on to say. “Whatever you want. ‘If you want just midrange all game, I got you. You want me to post you up? I got you. You want me to shoot the three? I got you.’”

Get this: When he was asked if Anthony could be compared to or even overtake Kevin “KD” Durant, Felton said Durant was no match for Melo’s game in the post.

Felton concluded with more on the topic … “I haven’t seen KD go off in the post like I’ve seen Melo go off in the post. Can KD score? For sure. Good gracious. That man can score easily. He scores easily for him to be 7-feet. They keep saying 6’11. That man ain’t 6’11. That man 7-feet, 7’1. That man [is] tall. But Melo, I’ve seen Melo score everywhere. I haven’t seen KD just get somebody in the post and I’m just gonna do you dirty, just post the whole game. I’ve seen Melo do that,”

I mean, he’s saying a lot, but how wrong is he? If at all. It’s sure a debate. Melo was one of the greatest scorers of all time, but better than KD, Kobe, MJ, and the reigning all-time scoring champion, LeBron James? Sheesh. That’s a tall order. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.