Los Angeles, CA – April 9, 2024 – Singer, Songwriter and Musician Marques Anthony, renowned for his background singing alongside Jamie Foxx, has soared to the pinnacle of the music charts with his latest single, “EGO.” 

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Guided by the sage counsel of his godparents Marcus and Jaime King, R&B virtuoso Marques embarked on a thrilling odyssey in the heart of Los Angeles. Venturing into the limelight, he found himself igniting stages across the nation, lending his velvety vocals to electrifying tours headlined by titans like Jamie Foxx on the Unpredictable Tour and the Blame It on The Alcohol tour. From the sultry rhythms of Monica’s Passion, Pain and Pleasure tour to the soulful beats of Keith Sweat and Kelly Rowland’s performances, Marques became a dynamic force, his collaborations with Foxx serving as a beacon, guiding his musical metamorphosis toward solo stardom.

Signed to the prestigious umbrella of HMG West Music, helmed by Grammy Award-winning Music Publisher, Songwriter, and Producer Jovan J. Dawkins, who has worked with some of the biggest names in music including Bruno Mars, Chris Brown and many more, Marques continues to ascend. Debuting with a thunderous impact at an impressive #4 on the Apple iTunes Chart, his latest single, “EGO,” follows the electrifying momentum of Usher’s Super Bowl performance, captivating listeners with its magnetic allure and irresistible groove.


Doing these prestigious tours and working with Jamie Foxx was a great personal achievement for me,” said Marques. “To have my song debut at #4 and have Jovan J. Dawkins and Jamie championing me is truly living a dream. I am so grateful for their support and, of course, the support of my fans.” 

“When I signed Marques Anthony, I knew I had something extraordinary, Jovan J Dawkins said. “Debuting at #4 confirmed what Jamie and I already knew: he is destined to be a superstar.”

Marques Anthony’s journey involves passion, perseverance, and undeniable talent. As “EGO” continues its ascent up the charts, audiences stand ready to embrace the harmonious evolution of a true musical genius shaped by Jamie Foxx’s indelible influence.

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