Young Jonn made his mark in the music industry as a producer, and now, he’s ready to take over as a recording artist.

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Boasting 1.5 million followers on Instagram alone, Young Jonn aka The Wicked Producer has stolen the hearts of many in his home country of Nigeria. His ability to create a hit record is marked by an extensive catalog of songs, even taking home the award for Producer of The Year at the 2015 Nigeria Entertainment Awards and The Headies 2015.

As a recording artist, Young Jonn offers a unique blend of Afrobeats, Afropop, and amapiano, creating his own lane that offers nothing but straight vibes for his growing fanbase. Songs like “Big Big Things” featuring Seyi Vibes and Kizz Danie will immediately put you in a good mood, and maybe even have you grooving on the dance floor.


Now, Young Jonn is excited as ever to be releasing his highly-anticipated debut album titled Jiggy Forever, out on April 12th. 

The Source caught up with Young Jonn in downtown Los Angeles to discuss his love for Michael Jackson, transitioning from producer to recording artist, his forthcoming album, collaborating with Sean Paul, and more!

Since you grew up in the church, did you start out making gospel music at all?

No, I never actually made gospel music. The most, I used to play the instruments with them in the church. Choir, play drums, play keys, but I never made my own gospel music. We used to rap then, but it wasn’t gospel music.

Favorite artists that made you fall in love with music?

I was young, Michael Jackson. We had these Michael Jackson tapes in the house. I was quite young. I’ll watch the tapes and I’ll see this guy dancing, everybody’s [screaming]. I like.

Favorite Michael Jackson song?

Jesus, I’m trying to remember this particular song. “That you are not alone, I am here with you

Though you’re far away, I am here to stay.” [sings “You Are Not Alone”] We’d walk in the church and I’m singing the song, but my mom is the pastor. She’d teach me and say “no!” I should stop singing and everything. You know the VHS. tapes when you pull out the tape from inside? She did that to the tapes so I can’t watch it anymore.

Were you sad?

For a while, yes I was sad.

Did she get to see how lit you are now? 

Yeah. Well not now, but as a producer yes she did. I was quite a big producer in Nigeria, I won the African Producer of the Year award. I was quite lit as a producer, but then mixed my own music. She saw that part, but she never got to see this part.

While you were producing, did you record music as well?

Nah. I was recording a lot of music, but I was giving it out to artists instead. Artists to record…

What was your biggest placement? 

As a producer, I had a lot of big placements. But as a writer, that’s kind of shhh. As a producer, there was “Wo!!” by Olamide, “Mama” by Kizz Daniel, Shakiti Bobo by Olamide, Science Student by Olamide. There was a lot. There was Davido and Jimmy Jatt. I produced for almost everybody. 

So what made you do your own music? 

I started making my music when I lost my mom in 2019. I withdrew from everybody. I was spending more time with myself. I was really isolated for a long time. In this period, I was spending so much time with myself, and I was recording so much music. There was so much music laying around, but I almost didn’t get in the studio with anybody. I love my friends a lot. “Oh, this music. So much music, let’s start putting it out.” I started putting it out, putting it out. There was really nothing serious until I met my manager. She was like, “This music, what’s going on?” Started pushing it, I got signed to a label and that was it.

Warner, or in Nigeria?

Chocolate City in Nigeria. The one here is with Warner/ADA.

Did you go viral before that?

As a producer, yes I did. I won the Nigerian Producer of the Year award with “Mama.” I won African Producer of the Year award with Olamide “Wo!!” So as a producer, I was already 

up there. I just took a step back. At that point, I really didn’t know where I wanted to go. I just wanted to be by myself, on my own time. That’s what led me to start recording and love music for myself.

How did your fanbase react?

I thought they were surprised that I was putting out music. In Nigeria, there’s this trend of producers trying to sing. When I put out my first record, they’re like “Young Jonn sings now?” But before you know it, the record was everywhere. People were like “Forreal? Forreal” I put out the next song, put out the next song. It was mad.

Debut album Jiggy Forever dropping April 12th, what’re you most excited for?

That’ll be my first album as an artist. I put out an EP previously that did really good, but this would be my first album. I’m excited, I’m nervous. I’m really curious to see how it’s going to be received, what the reception is going to be like to the fans and all that.

What does Jiggy mean to you?

Jiggy is a lifestyle. My friends and I back in the day, we always used to call ourselves Jiggy. Jiggy means vibrant, happy, sharp. Jiggy: stay fly, fresh. It’s a style. It’s a lifestyle.

How was it connecting with Sean Paul?

It was dope. I listen to him a lot, so having him on my song is a blessing. 

How’d that happen? 

It happened through my manager. I was in Dubai performing. My first shows this year was in Dubai, I did three shows there. I was there, I had this song already that I recorded last year. The “Hold On” song, we always felt like a collaboration should be on it. Because I’ve already recorded a full song and I loved it, but then she said, “I think the next person…” She’s talking to a few people, okay do your thing. I’m in Dubai now, she sends me an mp3 file on WhatsApp. I see “Hold On” x Sean Paul. She’s like “Sean Paul sent it back.” I’m like oh really?

You guys gotta shoot a video! 

Yes definitely.

Any other artists in America that you love?

I love a lot of artists in America. I’ve been listening to music on this side of the world since when I was really young. I love a lot of them. I love the new generation. My head is a fusion of everything. I love everything.

Anything else you want to let the people know? 

My album is out April 12th. I put so much into this album. I literally recorded this album all around the world. Last year, I was doing shows everywhere. I was in Europe, I was in America. I was really recording in every city. I have a studio set up. I’m a producer, so I can record myself. I literally made this album all around the world.

Do you like to make music over your own beats, or do you prefer other people’s?

It’s a mixture of both. Sometimes, I have an idea. I love to work with new generation producers. Can I share the idea with the producer? I probably have a skeleton, then they finish it.

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